I’m so grateful for the opportunity to represent Portage County in the State Assembly. You can always count on me to work tirelessly for you. 

Check out the information below to learn about some of the issues I’ve been proudest to work on and which I intend to continue championing if re-elected!

Supporting Workers & Families

    Katrina supports workers and families by combating inflation and rebuilding supply chains. She focuses on bringing family-supporting manufacturing jobs back home to Portage County through Buy American and Buy Wisconsin legislation.  home to Portage County through Buy American and Buy Wisconsin legislation. 

Lowering Healthcare Costs

Katrina fights to lower prescription drug and healthcare costs for everyone by holding price-gouging health insurance and pharmaceutical companies accountable. She has also introduced legislation to cap the monthly cost of insulin and voted for legislation to hold pharmacy benefit managers accountable with pricing transparency.

Advocating for Public Education

    Katrina stands with our students and educators by advocating for a strong public education system at all levels, including fair funding and expanding access to mental health services. 

Governor Evers signs Rep. Shankland’s roadside first responder safety bill into law at the Amherst Fire District.

Public Safety

Katrina works to keep our community safe by partnering with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS to pass laws protecting Portage County residents, including a roadside first responder safety law. She has also introduced legislation to expand victims’ rights and legislation supported by mental health and law enforcement organizations to help local police departments invest in crisis intervention teams.

Rep. Shankland received the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars in 2017.

Supporting our Veterans

Katrina has authored legislation to strengthen our state’s veterans’ homes, expand hunting opportunities for disabled veterans, provide legislative oversight over DVA, and fully fund the Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program. She has been a co-author of legislation to expand eligibility for the Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit and legislation to fund the Missing-in-Action Recovery and Identification Project to recover and identify Wisconsin veterans who are missing in action.

As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, Rep. Shankland worked across the aisle to provide additional support for Wisconsin veterans at our state veterans homes and through other veterans services and programs. She has supported funding for the CVSO grant program, veterans service organization grant programs, a new crisis intervention program in Racine and Kenosha counties, and a women veteran’s study. That’s why she was named Legislator of the Year by the VFW in 2017:

“Since she was elected in 2012, Representative Shankland has been a passionate advocate for Wisconsin veterans,” said “Trapper” John Schultz, the State Commander of the Wisconsin VFW. “When a popular veterans seminar at UW-Stevens Point was set to end, Representative Shankland spearheaded efforts to not only keep the program on campus but expand it across the UW System. Representative Shankland is a leader who consistently delivers for veterans, and we are proud to name her the 2017 Department of Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars Legislator of the Year.”


Katrina advocates for lower property taxes and increased funding for vital services, including our public schools, police, fire, and EMS, by supporting a fair state revenue-sharing plan. Katrina’s plan would reduce the need for local governments and school districts to pass burdensome property tax hikes and help seniors and families stay in their homes.

Katrina authored legislation to repeal the personal property tax, alleviating additional stress on small businesses in Wisconsin. She also has coauthored legislation to expand eligibility for the Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit.

Rural Wisconsin

Katrina grew up in rural Wisconsin and understands that our communities in Central Wisconsin are unique. She fights to bring our tax dollars home, securing funding for clean water and private well replacement, local roads and bridges, broadband expansion, and support for family farmers. 

Sporting Heritage

Katrina celebrates our proud sporting heritage by working to expand hunting and fishing opportunities for everyone. She will always protect our Constitutional right to hunt, fish, trap, and take game. As a hunter, she serves on the Sporting Heritage Committee and has worked with sportsmen and women to introduce legislation to protect our deer herd from CWD.

Fighting for our Freedoms

Katrina supports our freedoms to vote, make our own healthcare decisions, breathe clean air and drink clean water, and our right to hunt and fish. She has introduced a bipartisan bill to expand birth control access and has coauthored legislation to repeal the 1849 Wisconsin law that would jail our medical providers. 

Constituent Services

Katrina believes in making government work for everyday people and has assisted thousands of Portage County residents with various issues, including professional licensing, unemployment benefits, streamlining state agency requests, connecting veterans and small businesses with services, and much more. She has toured dozens of local businesses, nonprofits, and schools and continues to meet with constituents around the district to listen to them and work on their behalf in the Capitol.